Why do I need this "Werewolf-Assistant"?
First start
Using the menu
Playing without menu
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Why do I need this "Werewolf-Assistant?

The Werewolf-Assistant makes it much easier to play werewolves-based games like "The Werewolves of Miller's Hollow" and others.
During playing the game this Werewolves-App tells you:

First start

The Werewolf-Assistent is a website. All you need to run the app is to visit the site with a current browser and to start the web app.
But there is also the werewolf-assistant android-app which can be downloaded and installed.

Using the menu

On the left the menu shows you all roles and their abilities in chronological order. During the first night all roles will be called to "wake up", that allows you to mark all players with their roles. Roles which are not used or are only used during the first night (e.g. thief) are removed automatically from the menu when the next night begins. You may also temporarily/permanently remove unused roles/actions from menu using the "extra"-button.

Some roles have unique abilities, which are displayed as intended menu items. If a player want's to use this ability just select the menu item and touch the target-player. Often the tool will do some tasks for you, for example a shielded person will not die when he has been attacked by werewolves, but the shield-icon will disappear. If it's required you will still have the ability to use all actions any time, even if this brakes the rules (for example usage of elixir multiple times). In this case the app displays you a red warn-message. Last actions always can be undone using the buttons at the top.

Roles how have "survived" the night could die during the day. Use menu item "other victims" to keep the game situation up-to-date. Before the next night begins you should select "next night" to hide no more needed actions and to mark players who are not playing any more.

Playing without menu

The buttons at the top allow to control the app without menu. There is a button to hide and show the menu and to release the full playground. Buttons "next night" and "next action" undertake the task of the menu. Pressing "next action" will show and enable the next chronological role/action you may use. If role or action is not required just skip to next action.

Additional Information

Please have a look at the FAQs

I you have any questions or problems please contact: